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A team approach that focuses on your bottom line—and not just ours.

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Like many of you, we have families and are also running a small business.  Expenses must be controlled in order to maintain the important balance between our work and the rest of our lives.  Legal expenses are often unexpected and can create havoc with a family budget or a business balance sheet.   In forming Ledger Square Law, we committed ourselves to the singular goal of providing creative, common sense and effective solutions to your legal needs through a team approach that focuses on your bottom line—and not just ours.  After decades of working together, we recognize that the “ledger” between quality legal services and cost must be fairly balanced between lawyer and client.  Our small firm values allow us to eliminate certain inefficiencies inherent in traditional law firm models, including rigid and ever-escalating billable hour pricing.  While billable hour pricing is the “norm” for legal services, you will find that our rates are very competitive.  Moreover, given our own focus on cost control (we own our own office space, for instance), we can offer flexible and, where appropriate, fixed pricing for certain legal work in order to provide greater cost certainty for our clients.  We aim to provide value, not just a bill.  While we expect to be paid fairly and timely for our legal services, we also expect to have an open dialogue with you to ensure that we are meeting your expectations on value for the legal services provided.

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