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We help our clients work through simple and complex estate planning and administration.

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Our estate planning process is designed to achieve your unique objectives and doesn’t require clients have every detail determined before the first meeting. Contact us today to facilitate your estate planning needs.We provide a forum for dialogue, which allows us to gather information to inform what will eventually become your estate plan. Whether you’re just starting to think about estate planning, or you need to make modifications or learn more about a family member’s estate plan, the estate planning attorneys at Ledger Square Law, P.S. are here to help. Whether as a Last Will and Testament (Will) or a Living Trust, we execute documents that outline the administration or distribution of your estate upon your death. Our attorneys are experienced administering the estate through probate, allowing the beneficiaries to rest easy knowing the decedent’s last wishes were honored and state law was followed.

We make the estate planning process simple and efficient, and most importantly we’ll make sure that you are positioned to make the best possible decisions.

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