Alternative Dispute Resolution

We listen, We strategize, and We solve, using ADR methods to your best advantage.

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While the attorneys at Ledger Square Law are skilled litigators, we recognize that our business is to keep you engaged in your business and not in court battles, spending needless resources on costly litigation.  We recognize that early resolution and cost control are in our clients’ best interests.  As a result, all of our seasoned litigators regularly use alternative dispute resolution methods (“ADR”) as a primary means of resolving civil disputes.  ADR methods can range from simple, informal negotiation and settlement conferences to private and court-ordered mediation and binding arbitration.  The key to effective dispute resolution is skilled advocacy and case preparation.  Mediation works best when both sides to a dispute are adequately educated on the strength and/or weaknesses of their respective positions.  Our job is to help you with this process—to get your case adequately prepared in order to resolve the matter with the best possible outcome for you and your business.  Because resolution, rather than litigation, is our primary focus, we listen, we strategize, and we solve, using ADR methods to your best advantage.

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